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Client: Leading American Pediatric Hospital

Leaders of the organization wanted to design and build an educational system to support a specific leadership behavior to "Embrace change that achieves results”. Feedback on the annual employee satisfaction survey suggested leaders’ need more support to manage the multitude of changes they were faced within their departments as a result of technological advancements in patient care and safety.  The feedback created a strong sense of urgency to change the way the hospital approached change initiatives and the way they were being implemented at a departmental level.

Background: Current developments in technology are changing the way experts practice medicine and care for patients.  Electronic health records, bar code medication administration, and other new diagnostic tools are forcing healthcare providers to change the way they work with each other, with equipment and with patients.  Advances in healthcare technology represent “deep change” in work habits, hand-offs, and record keeping.  Hospital leaders must work to prioritize these changes and support leaders and patient care providers with new knowledge, skills and tools to facilitate greater acceptance of change.
Actions Taken:

Leaders identified over 175 patient care managers, unit directors, physician leaders and advanced practice nurse leaders who could benefit from learning new skills and benefit from greater support in the implementation of change initiatives at the departmental level.

A design team was created, made up of leaders across the hospital.  The team’s purpose was to communicate the sense of urgency the hospital felt around managing change processes differently, act as a guiding coalition for change, and be subject matter experts, giving input into the design of an educational and coaching process to support new change practices.

Leadership development and the director of patient care services worked with Howick Associates to identify specific reference materials they wanted to incorporate into the change management curriculum, and collaborated on the design of orientation sessions and two-day learning workshops.

175 Leaders across the hospital attended orientation sessions, participated in a 360° assessment to align their individual development with specific development opportunities, and attended a 2-day training course aimed at “Equipping hospital leaders with tools to Embrace Change that Achieves Results”
Results from participant perspective:

“Embraces Change has provided a comprehensive approach to organizational initiatives that lends itself well to integrating key individuals who are not necessarily employed by the system; physicians and families. The defined concepts in Embracing Change  and the multiple tools allow flexibility based upon the level of engagement of the group while focusing on the movement to change.

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White Paper: A practical, engaging approach to change.

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