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Change Management and Employee Engagement

“People don’t resist change, people resist being changed”
– Peter Senge

Statistics illustrate that employee resistance is the biggest obstacle to change, usually resulting from a series of communication missteps. At Howick Associates, we believe leaders need to help their employees understand the changes affecting them and secure their commitment to supporting the change. By doing this effectively, leaders can reduce employee resistance to change initiatives and increase the probability of implementation success.

There are certain steps organizations and leaders can take to facilitate more successful change initiatives. Many change models exist and most have a place in supporting change. However successful change efforts must be based on engaging employees in how and why changes are being implemented.

Howick Associates has developed a practical, tactical approach to change management. We help leaders develop the skills and tools they need to involve key stakeholders in creating successful, sustainable change. Change models and employee engagement look different in different organizations, that is to be expected. But we work with our clients to customize the approach to their specific situation--Change Management can’t be canned.

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