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We believe that the value of coaching is improved organizational results. Studies show an overwhelmingly positive correlation between support for executives, leaders, and managers through solid coaching and increased employee engagement and organizational results.

Coaching is an art and a science. Great coaches understand that learning, behavioral change, and personal growth comes from determination and commitment. Howick Associates Executive Coaching for Results is a program of active learning that uses data to drive change, and transfers essential communication and interpersonal skills for more effective leadership and improved business results.

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Our approach is strategic. We tie personal executive development with organizational imperatives, and help executives identify and implement tactics to adapt to new responsibilities, reduce destructive behaviors, improve retention, enhance teamwork and support organizational change. Our experienced consultants are business people with advanced degrees who bring an alternative perspective to their work with clients. We help clients grow and expand their knowledge, skills and behaviors beyond their own self-imposed boundaries.

Hard data and feedback are fundamental to successful coaching engagements. We collect 360° degree feedback from individuals who work most closely with the executives that we coach. This includes supervisors, peers, and direct reports, and sometimes customers or family members. Our coaches supply candor, objective feedback, and action planning to help executives use the data to drive personal and professional change. To support measurable results, we work hard to clarify and align expectations around individual coaching engagements with our client organizations. We clarify assumptions, roles and responsibilities, timeframes and measures for success, to minimize confusion and maximize results.

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In most organizations, a high performing executive team is essential for success. Unfortunately, many times the only thing that makes this group a “team” is a weekly meeting. We apply the same approach to coaching teams as we do to individuals - we collect team performance data, identify performance gaps that most impact organizational imperatives, create development action plans that address these issues and assist the team in working through the plan.

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