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High Engagement Performance Management

An effective performance management process ensures results by developing a partnership between manager and employee(s). The process serves as a framework for defining expectations, providing feedback and reinforcement, and developing competence, confidence, and commitment.

Virtually every organization struggles at some point with the process and mechanism that aligns employee goals and performance with organizational strategy and results. Surveys show that neither employees nor their managers look forward to the annual performance and feedback discussion that typically occurs in most organizations.

Howick Associates brings our expertise in leadership and performance management along with our tools in employee engagement and change management to help you create a process that everyone in your organization will appreciate and use to drive better results and more satisfying performance.

Performance Management Redesign

At the heart of many ineffective Performance Management Systems is a lack of buy-in and commitment from managers and employees. Participation is typically mandated by the organization (most times through HR) with the goal of a merit increase. Unfortunately, this often results in a process that is viewed within the organization as burdensome, bureaucratic and lacking value.

Our redesign of Performance Management Systems involves building both manager and employee commitment by engaging key stakeholders in the redesign process. This involves working with senior leaders to develop a clear project charter, gather feedback and input from all employees and facilitate an internal design team to create a new system. During the redesign process we leverage our experience in facilitation and change management to ultimately help you create a Performance Management System that supports your organization's strategic goals and is perceived by managers and employees as personally valuable.

Performance Management Consulting and Training

An effective performance management process develops strategic partnerships, serves as a framework for defining expectations, provides feedback and reinforcement and develops competence, confidence, and commitment.

Often we find that an organizationís dissatisfaction with the outcomes from their performance management system isnít a result of the wrong processes but an inability to effectively execute. Therefore, we provide training and facilitation support in the following areas to help your managers and employees to be more effective within your current system.

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