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Change and learning are never easy tasks for adults. And yet they are asked daily to do just that as organizations drive to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and innovate with new and improved products and services.

Since our inception in providing training to SC Johnson and Sons in 1983, Howick Associates has provided engaging, results oriented training services that help leaders, managers, and individual contributors improve their lives and their organizational contribution and performance. The fact that 85% of our work is on a repeat basis with our clients (link to clients and stories) is testimony to the results we help our clients achieve.

When you need highly engaging learning experiences in the following areas, just contact us. We'll help identify the current and desired state of performance, and then provide proven training designs, tools, and methods to close the gap.

Building Trust, Communication and Effective Relationships

Many things go into making an individual effective interpersonally - rapport, sincerity, credibility, etc. But no basic skills are more important than the ability to build trust, relate to others, and get along with people. This "people skills" training program provides participants with tools to more effectively:

  • build trust & express empathy
  • better understand others and relate to them as they would like to be related to.
  • promote an atmosphere of openness
  • Create win-win outcomes while more effectively influencing others without resorting to manipulative methods.

Facilitation and Effective Meeting Skills

Working effectively with and harnessing the power of teams and work groups is an essential skill. Everyone who runs meetings, leads a team or participates in meetings can benefit by building facilitation skills. This modular workshop is designed to help build facilitation skills and give participants an ongoing resource in The New Compleat Facilitator

This interactive session provides experiential learning and practice with hands-on methods for managing and engaging groups in order to leverage their full power and contribution. Participants learn how to set the stage for effective group work and manage the complex dynamics of a team in order to create greater group and individual satisfaction and results. There are extensive customization options for this program.

Project Management Skills to Drive Engagement and Execution

Outside of IS departments, effective project managements skills are not found in abundance in many areas of an organization. Yet leaders, managers, and independent contributors are called upon to plan and implement significant projects in support of the various strategic aims of their respective organizations. They tend to muddle through, extending target dates, burning out limited resources and failing to deliver on the results promised.

Project management is a powerful planning approach which is proactive by design and places heavy emphasis on communications, attention to detail and wise use of resources. Above all project management is a team sport! It also provides a wonderful platform to actively engage employees and other stakeholders in a series of conversations not only necessary for project success but building lasting commitment to project work, great or small.

This is a modular, interactive session that is best utilized in conjunction with real-world application activities.

Coaching for Results

One of the most powerful tools to improve employee performance is coaching. Coaching is the principle means by which people learn what makes their organizations tick, what it stands for and how they can contribute to it over time. Effective coaching removes barriers to development and emphasizes the individual and team achievement of common organizational goals. Coaching also provides leaders with the opportunity to engage employees in meaningful dialogue and decisions that impact them - thus building commitment to the team and organization.

Yet, many leaders struggle translating good intentions into action. Coaching for Results provides a practical coaching model and framework that can be applied in a variety of coaching situations. It emphasizes employee involvement in each step and focuses on building the relationship between leader and employee necessary for long term success and results.

Driving Change for Results

Driving Change for Results is an applied learning development program which focuses on building leaders’ skills at prioritizing, managing and driving change initiatives. We developed this program in recognition of the fact that managing the dynamics of personal, individual and organizational change in the midst of multiple change efforts is an ever-increasing problem for leaders in today’s organizations.

The underlying premise of this program is for leaders to use a systematic approach in leading change that incorporates promising engagement practices with more effective project management techniques. More highly skilled technical experts want to be involved in the planning and decision-making around change that impacts their work and leaders need the skills and tools to engage and involve stakeholders to build buy-in and minimize complacency in change efforts.

Engaging Leaders Series

The Engaging Leader Series (ELS) is an applied learning development program which systematically builds leaders’ competency in engaging others. We have developed this series to support the growing recognition that leaders play a powerful role in influencing employee commitment, satisfaction and high achievement. Our belief is that leaders are either increasing employee engagement, or they are decreasing it. There is no middle ground.

The underlying premise of this program is that new skills are required to lead to a more highly educated workforce that values involvement, job satisfaction, and contributing lasting value to the organization.

The learning focused areas of the ELS series are: Building trust & effective relationships, Inclusion- leveraging the power of groups, Coaching – leveraging the power of the individual, Driving Results through engagement and flawless execution, and Driving Change for results.

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