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After 25+ years in business (click to view our firm profile) we find that most organizations have many of the components of an effective leadership development system in place. However, they are frequently missing one or more elements. More commonly they havenít provided the necessary linkages between the components. This is where we excel by working with you to build a leadership approach that's best for your organization.

Our Leadership Development and Results approach helps you achieve business results because it:

  • provides a systems approach to leadership development, which links organizational systems and processes to leadership competencies.
  • helps leaders understand the linkage between the strategic foundation, performance measures, leadership competencies and the accomplishment of key business results.
  • helps the organization establish linkages which create alignment among leaders in order to accomplish key business results.
  • enables the organization and individuals to take an objective look at current practices vs. those necessary for success in a changing environment.
  • provides the organization with an overall sense of leadership “bench strength.”
  • insures the organizationís performance management system reinforces and rewards leadership behaviors which are consistent with organizational strategy.
  • generates a climate of self-assessment. Individual feedback represents an important stage in a systematic professional development process. It provides information that helps the organization to develop activities which are appropriate for each person.
  • identifies individuals' strengths and how they can be leveraged across their area of responsibility. Areas in need of development are specifically identified, and action plans are established.
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